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ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. is a leading Czech producer in the field of refinery, petrochemical and agrochemical products, which is also reflected in the initial abbreviation "RPA": refinery, petrochemistry, agrochemistry. The company supplies the market primarily with motor fuels, fuel oils, asphalts, liquefied petroleum products, oil hydrogenates, other refinery products, olefins and aromatics, polyolefins (high-density polyethylene, polypropylene), agrochemicals, carbon black and sorbents.

HDPE LITEN is a linear polyethylene produced using the following two technologies: UNIPOL™ gas phase technology with a capacity of 200 kta, producing natural, unimodal homopolymers, C4- and C6-copolymers and INNOVENE™ S slurry technology with a capacity of 270 kta, producing both unimodal and bimodal grades, homopolymers and C6-copolymers, in natural and/or black colour. It is stabilized by additive package, which provides the material protection during processing, extends the service life and modifies the application properties of the products.

HDPE LITEN is a thermoplastic material used for production of injection moulded articles (crates, caps, household articles, toys, cartridges for adhesives, dust bins, technical parts). Further application is production of pipes (pressure water distribution systems, heat insulation pipes, optical cables protection), production of films (food packaging, shopping and millinery bags), production of blow moulded products (containers, canisters, barrels, tanks, bottles, technical parts for various media, including detergents and cleaning agents) and finally production of sheets (environmental landfills, insulation sheets, plates for welding of vessels). Specialty is a fibre grade suitable for production of non-woven textiles used for hygienic articles.

ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. produces HDPE LITEN using an Integrated Quality, Environmental, Safety and Energy Management System (IMS), which has been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. (LRQA) according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001.

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