The physical and mechanical properties of HDPE LITEN depend on its molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, molecular structure and stabilization system. HDPE LITEN exhibits very good mechanical properties, such as impact strength and toughness, which enables many uses, including technical applications. In order to evaluate a material's suitability for particular application, the material's specification and processing parameters should be considered, including temperature and time dependance of the mechanical properties.



Bottles, jerry cans, containers and industrial tanks for various mediums, including detergents and leaning agents, transportation boxes, pharmaceutical articles

The HDPE LITEN blow moulding portfolio offers medium to high molecular weight grades, with both unimodal and bimodal molecular weight distribution.

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Pressure and non-pressure pipes, casing pipes for multilayer heating systems, cable ducts, corrugated pipes and coatings

The HDPE LITEN portfolio offers black grades for the production of pressure pipes for water and gas supply, suitable up to very large diameters.

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Sheets and thick film

Environmental landfill sheets, construction sheets for insulation, welded vessels and thermoforming

The HDPE LITEN portfolio contains a broad range of natural and black grades for the production of various geo-engineering applications.

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Injection moulding

Crates, transportation boxes, large containers, dust bins, technical parts, cartridges, caps, buckets, houseware and toys

HDPE LITEN injection moulding grades contain homopolymers, which are especially suitable for the production of returnable food packages, and copolymers, which are suitable for more demanding technical applications requiring a balanced combination of stiffness and toughness.

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Monoaxially oriented tapes for agriculture and bicomponent fibres for nonwovens in hygienic use

HDPE LITEN grades for tapes are processed from a primary blown or cast film with a common thickness of 60 μm onto oriented tapes of 420-1200 dtex.

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Packaging film for both food and non-food applications, sacks, shopping and garbage bags, blends with LLDPE and LDPE

The HDPE LITEN film portfolio offers medium to high molecular weight materials, with both unimodal and bimodal molecular weight distribution.

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